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Azure Green Stick Incense

Handcrafted, and of the highest quality, these charcoal based incense sticks are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your home or being included in use for your favorite spells and rituals. Each package comes with approximately 20 sticks, each of which has a burn time of 30 minutes.

Air:For intellect, communication, travel, wisdom.
Amber:For love, comfort, happiness.
Apple Blossm: peace of mind and inspire sensations of general contentment and happiness.
Balsam Fir: Representative of the element of Earth or otherwise being useful in ritual magick and spells where one is seeking a boost in energy or vigor.
Banishing: To drive away negative influences.
Black Opium:great for meditation and rituals involving divination or astral projection, aiding those who use it in opening doors to hidden worlds.
Cedarwood:For healing, purification, unhexing.
Cinnamon: Purifying, stimulating, money.
Clove: Perfect for anyone looking to find a serene aid in relieving their stress, making it perfect for spells seeking to sooth and calm, helping to instill a sensation of peace and serenity. It is fantastic for spells of healing as it draws upon the clove's ability to numb away pain to aid in this endeavor; it is also seen as an aid in numbing away memories, to dull the ache of painful thoughts for yourself or another.
Coconut: A great aid in spells of protection, particularly those seeking to protect virtue or chastity.
Copal:For purification, consecration, making contact with the other planes, and exorcism rites.
Desert Rain:In ritual, this makes it perfect for those spells intended to help with depression and fatigue, and great for giving energy in times of spiritual drought.
Divination: Smudge tools prior to divination.
Dragon's Blood: For protection, potency.
Earth: For fertility, money, stability, promote peace.
Egyptian Musk:For good judgment and wisdom of the ancients.
Fire: For courage, will power, purification, magick.
Frankincense: For protection, astral strength.
Frank & Myrrh: For purification, protection, healing.
Gardenia:In ritual, burn it upon your altar to use its playful fragrance in aiding and enhancing spells of love, peace, and healing.
Healing: To speed healing.
High John:For strength, confidence; prosperity.
Honeysuckle:In ritual, it is perfect for burning upon the altar to help empower spells of money drawing, and is also a fantastic aid in enhancing psychic powers.
Jasmine: For love, money, dreams.
Juniper:wonderful in spells intended to sooth the mind and spirit as well as those rituals seeking to offer steady protection.
Jupiter:Fantastic for meditation, offering a deeper exploration of the spirit. In ritual it can also be used to enhance and empower spells of prosperity and money drawing.
Kyphi:In ritual use, you'll find that this makes it a powerful presence in spells seeking to attract love, power, and success. Its lively nature also makes it quite helpful in spells of banishing.
Lavender: For cleansing, healing, love.
Lemongrass: Enhance psychic and mental clarity.
Love:For personal opening & love drawing.
Moon:For prophetic dreams, spirituality, peace, love.
Mosquito Repellent:ight a stick of this incense where its smoke will waft over your picnic, bonfire, or other such outdoor event and help keep these annoying insects from tormenting you, and ruining what might otherwise be a wonderful event.
Musk:Aphrodisiac, prosperity.
Myrrh:Meditative, healing, hex-breaking.
Neroli:Traditionally, it is great for relieving tension and soothing nerves. In spells, it can be quite helpful in instilling confidence in yourself or another person before an important event or simply for the sake of possessing greater confidence or dispelling anxiety.
Night Queen: In ritual, it is traditionally used to help promote peace and tranquility, whether in blessing another person or as an active influence in your own life.
Oak Moss: Upon the altar, some view it as a great component for spells of money drawing or healing, drawing upon its deep association with the element of Earth.
Sweet Orange:In ritual, it has been traditionally used in spells seeking to attract men and good luck, as well as those magicks intended to aid in bringing about peace or personal empowerment.
Patchouli:For love, growth, mastery.
Pine:Upon the altar, it is often utilized to draw upon the element of Earth to seek grounding and strength, as well as to provide empowerment to spells of cleansing.
Prosperity:To attract abundance, money & riches.
Protection:To deflect harmful & negative influences
Psychic:To empower psychic energies.
Pumpkin Spice: Bring yourself into a world where the leaves are painted in many colors and the crisp night air speaks of coming winter. Light it in your home to create a delightful, welcoming atmosphere, fragrant with the aroma of pumpkin spice.
Purification: To cleanse oneself of negativity.
Rain:Upon the altar it captures the essence of rain, washing away impurities and negative energy, making it perfect for spells of purification and cleansing.
Rose: Aiding in spells that focus on love and fertility, as well as utilize to empower your favorite house-blessing spell.
Rue: Provide a protective background to your everyday life or instead use them in ritual to make your protective spells more capable of warding off hexes, curses, and other such negative attention.
Sage: For wisdom, purification, clarity.
Sage & Cedar: To promote healing/protection, purification.
Samhain: Perfect for burning around the home or upon the altar during the celebration of the Samhain Sabbat, on October 31st through November 1st. Being so closely tied to the holiday where the dead are so close to the realm of the living, one can also use them as a potent addition to spells seeking involvement or communication with the realm of the dead.
Sandalwood:For protection, healing, spirituality.
Smoke Eater:Designed to sweep away the bitter smell of cigarette smoke or of herbs burned in ritual, our Smoke Eater incense fills any room in which it burns with a delightful, floral scent.
Spirit:This can be used to help expose the spirits that dwell within a place or help you look inward, and achieve a deeper spiritual understanding.
Sun:In ritual, it is a powerful addition to any spell, aiding in providing more abundant and powerful energy. It can also be used to enhance and specifically empower spells of protection and success, or spells seeking to illuminate hidden paths and secret knowledge.
Vanilla:For psychic abilities, lust and desire.
Venus:For love, joy, happiness, friendship, meditation.
Vetivert:In ritual, it is perfect for blessings of peace and love, extending this to even aid in spells of unhexing. It has also been known to be a potent addition to spells of money drawing and financial success.
Water:For love, dreams, psychism, healing.
Yule: Intended for use during the Winter Solstice, being designed to be burned in celebration of that pagan holiday. During this time, it makes a potent addition to your altar and spells, or can simply be burned in reverence. Alternatively, it can also be burned any time throughout the year that you are seeking the cheer and goodwill found around this holiday.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 February, 2012.
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